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BlackDog Minecraft/Spigot MultiVerse
About BlackDog

The BlackDog Rules

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Privacy Policy

BlackDog respects your privacy. Our servers capture no personally-identifying information about our players. Having said that, the Minecraft server logs contain player IP addresses which are linked to player userids. The logs also contain operational information that is useful to us for game-play issue resolution and debugging. These data are accessible only to our computer operations staff. The data are not accessible to other players or to in-game admins or ops.

Server logs are deleted on a rotating basis, after seven days. So IP data in server logs are retained for no more than seven days.

The logs are also included in server backups. Server backups are deleted on a rotating basis, after two days. So IP data in server backups are retained for no more than two additional days, for a total of nine days.

BlackDog is a whitelisted Minecraft/Spigot server, constructed and maintained by rambeau. BlackDog features a wide range of distinct worlds, and unique special features.


We are proud of our unique server. You will see black dogs, black chickens, black-and-white cows, black rabbits, and (occasionally) black-and-white rabbits. We achieve this visual magic with resourcepacks. (We also enhance the experience with a lot of unique features, provided by a host of specialized plugins.)

You must accept server resourcepacks when you connect with the BlackDog servers. You may automate this configuration from the Multiplayer screen.

Note that WhiteDog and YellowDog worlds have appropriately-colored dogs and rabbits. We achieve this magic with additional resourcepacks. Thanks to Mojang, the entire default resourcepack must be loaded when a new server resourcepack is loaded. So there is a short delay — usually 6-10 seconds — when transporting between worlds with different resourcepacks. Patience is a virtue.

We also recommend the DramaticSkys resourcepack and the OptiFine add-on. We think that they augment the visual experience tremendously. You can disable them if you don't like the results.

Game settings

For the best experience, we recommend the following settings. You will find them under Options... in the Game Menu. Of course, you should adjust them to optimize the capabilities of your computer.

Getting started



Damage control

Special features

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