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BlackDog Minecraft/Spigot MultiVerse

The BlackDog Rules

Have fun

Be respectful

Be ethical

Be smart

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Privacy Policy

BlackDog respects your privacy. Our servers capture no personally-identifying information about our players. Having said that, the Minecraft server logs contain player IP addresses which are linked to player userids. The logs also contain operational information that is useful to us for game-play issue resolution and debugging. These data are accessible only to our computer operations staff. The data are not accessible to other players or to in-game admins or ops.

Server logs are deleted on a rotating basis, after seven days. So IP data in server logs are retained for no more than seven days.

The logs are also included in server backups. Server backups are deleted on a rotating basis, after two days. So IP data in server backups are retained for no more than two additional days, for a total of nine days.

BlackDog supports Skript development, to enhance your MineCraft experience and set you on the path to coding plugins. Staff are happy to work with you, to guide and assist your development and testing.

Skripts may be placed on servers only by staff. Please ask for review and submission to the test server. Reviewed skripts may be placed into production, at the discretion of staff.


Skript is a high-level programming environment for Bukkit/Spigot development. You can create commands and plugins, in an easy-to-understand language.

  1. Events
  2. Conditions
  3. Effects
  4. Expressions
  5. Types

Simple Skript example

This skript works, and contains most of the elements that make for clean and testable code. But it could be improved. Can you see how? Think of it as an exercise.

# $Id: clear-inventory.sk,v 1.9 2018/02/21 17:41:38 ram Exp $
# Clear player inventory except for ItemJoin navigation items.
# Note that "clear the player's inventory" removes everything, including special items.

command /clear-inventory:
	description: Clear player inventory.
	permission: blackdog.clearinventory
	usage: /clear-inventory
	aliases: /clear
	executable by: players
		set {_DEBUG} to true
		set {_DEBUG} to false

		# Clear each inventory slot, unless it is the ItemJoin navigation item.
		# This includes the off-hand slot.
		loop all items in the player's inventory:
			set {_remove_item} to true

			if {_DEBUG} is true:
				send message "item: %loop-item%"

			set {_type} to type of loop-item
			if {_DEBUG} is true:
				send message "type: %{_type}%"

			set {_name} to name of loop-item
			if {_name} is not set:
				set {_name} to "none"
			if {_DEBUG} is true:
				send message "name: %{_name}%"

			if {_type} is clock:
				if {_name} contains "Navigate":
					set {_remove_item} to false
			if {_remove_item} is true:
				remove loop-item from the player

		# Clear the armor slots.
		delete the helmet of the player
		delete the chestplate of the player
		delete the leggings of the player
		delete the boots of the player

copyright © 2014-2019 BlackDog and Straight8
editor: rambeau aka SlimeDog