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BlackDog Minecraft/Spigot MultiVerse

The BlackDog Rules

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Privacy Policy

BlackDog respects your privacy. Our servers capture no personally-identifying information about our players. Having said that, the Minecraft server logs contain player IP addresses which are linked to player userids. The logs also contain operational information that is useful to us for game-play issue resolution and debugging. These data are accessible only to our computer operations staff. The data are not accessible to other players or to in-game admins or ops.

Server logs are deleted on a rotating basis, after seven days. So IP data in server logs are retained for no more than seven days.

The logs are also included in server backups. Server backups are deleted on a rotating basis, after two days. So IP data in server backups are retained for no more than two additional days, for a total of nine days.

WHITEDOG is a special snow-covered world map. It is set to EXTRA HARD difficulty, with advanced physics: more aggressive gravity effects, acid rain and snow at random intervals, poisoned water, failing torches, more fires, bigger explosions, more aggressive and dangerous monsters, less powerful tools and weapons, and more difficult kills. He left some useful items for you, and a book describing optional quests. Look in the chest at the spawnpoint.

You will see white dogs, white chickens, cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, and some black-and-white horses and rabbits.

Access is by invitation only. Ask an admin for an invitation, when you have acquired 25000 bonus points.

Interworld navigation

Most of our worlds feature black dogs, like those in the lobby. But WHITEDOG and YELLOWDOG have different dogs and rabbits (guess the colors). Moving between these worlds requires loading new skins. Unfortunately, Minecraft reloads the entire default resourcepack, even if only one skin needs to change. So moving between worlds with different dogs takes a few extra seconds. Please be patient.

Protected zones

The spawn area is a small safe zone. Players cannot build in the safe zone, and hostile mobs cannot spawn there. The dogs will take care of hostile mobs that wander in. The safe zone is surrounded by a larger buffer zone. Players cannot build in the buffer zone, but mobs can spawn and attack there. Outside the buffer zone is wilderness. Pretty much anything goes out there.


Outside the protected zones, you can make a land claim anywhere you like as your home. Use the claim-marker tool to define your claim. Use the navigation menu red bed to mark your home, and the ice-blue bed to return to it.

Hunger and hydration

As in any survival environment, you will become hungry and thirsty as you expend energy. Running and fighting increase the level of energy expenditure. Eat occasionally to maintain health. Hydration (thirst) is displayed in the tablist; 100 is full hydration. Drink water, or wade in water when you get thirsty.

Special features

There are a few pre-built special features in WHITEDOG.

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