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BlackDog Minecraft/Spigot MultiVerse
The Playground

The BlackDog Rules

Have fun

Be respectful

Be ethical

Be smart

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Ask to be invited in-game.


Privacy Policy

BlackDog respects your privacy. Our servers capture no personally-identifying information about our players. Having said that, the Minecraft server logs contain player IP addresses which are linked to player userids. The logs also contain operational information that is useful to us for game-play issue resolution and debugging. These data are accessible only to our computer operations staff. The data are not accessible to other players or to in-game admins or ops.

Server logs are deleted on a rotating basis, after seven days. So IP data in server logs are retained for no more than seven days.

The logs are also included in server backups. Server backups are deleted on a rotating basis, after two days. So IP data in server backups are retained for no more than two additional days, for a total of nine days.

THE PLAYGROUND is an EASY CREATIVE world. You can build pretty much whatever you want, pretty much anywhere you want. Just respect other's property [Rule 1].

Safe zone and buffer zone

The spawn area is a small safe zone. Players cannot build in the safe zone, and hostile mobs cannot spawn there. The dogs will take care of hostile mobs that wander in. There are flat building sites north of the spawn area.


The day/night cycle is disabled in THE PLAYGROUND. Friendly (passive) mobs spawn everywhere except the spawn area, so you will see animals of all types everywhere else. Since it is never night, hostile monsters will not spawn in most places above ground. If you really want them, go underground; they are easy to find. But in CREATIVE mode, hostile monsters cannot harm you.


In CREATIVE mode, you can obtain infinite building materials from the item selection screen. That gives you freedom to create anything you like, without the pressure of mining for materials.

There are flat building sites north of the spawn area. These sites are protected; ask an ADMIN or OP for permission to build there. Select an unused site, and build something fantastic, or just experiment with designs for your SURVIVAL mode homes. Of course, you can also fly into the wilderness and find your own building site, but it will not be protected.

Your home

You can mark anywhere you like as your home. Use the navigation menu red bed to mark you home, and the blue bed to return to it.

Special features

There are a few pre-built special features in THE PLAYGROUND. It's up to you to find them.

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